Who is YourLife for?

This study is a 5-part unit and is adaptable to fit the needs for any teen wanting to learn more about money. It can be used as a 5 week series, or as a weekend retreat curriculum. This youth study works for:
  • A pastor and youth group at a church
  • A home school group
  • A home school family
  • Parents wanting to teach their teens
  • Anyone wanting to help teens understand God's wisdom on money

How it works: There are 5 main sections with videos introducing the topic; these can be watched as a group or individually. Each section consists of 5 daily lessons with action steps designed to take the student deeper with practical exercises and thought-provoking questions. Pick which ones work for your group or complete them all!

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  • Practical Application

    With lessons on budgeting, saving and giving, your teens will learn the basics of tracking their income and expenses, understand the importance and reasons for giving and recognize who actually owns everything we have.

  • Real Heart Transformation

    We all want to be successful, but when it comes to money, what does success looks like to God? In this unit of YourLife, your teens will understand the heart of God's call to become His faithful steward with their finances.

  • Build Confidence

    When dealing with money at a young age, it's hard to know the wise way to handle it. Equip the teens in your life with biblical wisdom that has proven successful for ages.trophy

It can be hard to know how to talk to your teen about stewardship

God gives each of us time, talent, and money throughout our lives. The world teaches that it's up to us on what we do with them, but God calls us to faithful stewardship. Talking about this life transformational concept can be a hard one to grasp for the teens in your life, but it shouldn't have to be.

Raising GenZ: Stewardship Lessons for Teens is a guide for you to prepare the teens in your life to become God's steward. Each daily lesson provides thought-provoking questions and action steps to help you walk the journey with your teen, and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Experience a closer relationship with one another and a deeper relationship with God through the guided questions and conversations

Start your teen's financial journey with peace from the beginning

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